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Limited to *36* Mother-Daughter Pairs! 

All Inclusive Hawaii Trip with Bethany Hamilton!!


Your time with her is going quickly. The world is pursuing to disciple her in the ways of the world.. She has never needed you more, and, secretly craves y-o-u-r pursuit.

Bethany's new "Ohana" program, a 90 Day Mother-Daughter Christian Program, will include: Weekly Girl Talk sessions with Bethany. Mentorship for your daughter. Equipping you to lead & love her well amidst today’s challenging atmosphere. Program has a crescendo ending with an unforgettable trip with Bethany over Spring break 2022!

•  You would like to have your teen (or pre-teen) daughter personally mentored by Bethany Hamilton

•  You are ready to grow closer & go deeper with your  daughter in 2022

•  You would love a one-on-one Mother-Daughter Dream Trip in Hawaii with Bethany!

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