Because your time with her is going so quickly...

Join Bethany Hamilton Live and In-Person!
For Her Exclusive Mother-Daughter Mentorship & Hawaiian Dream Retreat

The 'Ohana Mother & Daughter Experience:

An Exclusive 90-Day LIVE Small Group Mentorship + An All-Inclusive Dream Trip To Hawaii for Two!!

Partner With Bethany To Shape Your Most Important Legacy: Your Daughter


Hey Moms,

Do you ever watch your daughter when she doesn't know you’re looking?

You know, those moments that take your breath away …

She’s so beautiful…. So smart…. So amazing….

So vulnerable…

Your instinct is to protect her from harm and shield her from hurt, but the time is coming when she will be on her own. You will no longer be there to stand between life’s hardships and your precious girl...

And you know it’s up to you to teach and guide her to navigate all of the challenges of this world…

… not just to survive but to thrive, with strength of character, grace for others, and the courage, faith and heart to fulfill the important purpose God has given her.

And you ask yourself, “What if I’m not doing this right? Am I doing everything I can to prepare my daughter to become a joyful, successful, faith-filled woman?”

You’re not alone! As a mom I’ve had more moments like this than I can count.

So just as my personal journey from injured young surfer to powerful, unstoppable champion was enhanced by the beautiful, hard-won wisdom of my mentors, I’m raising my children to look to me as their most important mentor.

I want to help you do the same.

I’m so excited and proud to invite mothers and daughters to bond and grow as I partner with you in mentorship through my 'Ohana Mother & Daughter Experience - an Exclusive Live Mentorship & Exclusive Hawaiian Retreat.

Together we’ll enjoy eleven live online sessions. And then I’ll be hosting you in Hawaii for an all inclusive, luxury mother-daughter getaway!

You want her to be happy, to love and be loved, and to face both hardships and blessings with gratitude, wisdom and growth.

This 90 day program is designed to be a once in a lifetime journey and investment into one of your most important life legacies: your daughter.

So rarely do we set aside time for life’s most significant priorities, but this journey creates space to honor and strengthen one of life’s most important relationships.

In the spirit of 'Ohana, this course upholds intimacy, relationships and family. We know how vulnerable your young daughter is in today’s world, so this course is designed to, with truth, equip her to navigate this world with clarity, grace, strength and joy.

We will dive into critical conversations that will shape her choices and guide her in the moments that matter most. Along the way you will be solidified and equipped to become her primary mentor. Truly exclusive, the Hawaiian retreat is limited to only twelve mother daughter pairs.

Please join me for an experience designed to build a mother-daughter bond that
will last.

Create the stories you will tell for a lifetime.

The 'Ohana Mother & Daughter Experience

For Mom

Get refreshed and nourished as a mother

Become equipped to mentor with confidence

Deepen and strengthen your relationship

For Daughter

Get personally mentored by Bethany

Discover your inner beauty and strength

Become all God made you to be


A strong, unbreakable mother-daughter bond

Memories that will last a lifetime

Clarity, Faith, Strength and Purpose

An Exclusive Mother-Daughter
Mentorship Journey

“Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.”


For Moms and teens ages 10-18. Limited spots available!

Part 1: The Mentorship Program

“Girl Talk With Bethany!”

Put on your favorite cozy clothes and grab some hot tea,
cuz we girls are going to have some girl hang time!

Weekly, Live Zoom Sessions with Bethany Herself!
Going through the Unstoppable Living Program Together
That includes fun activities and diving into “real” topics
In a comfortable, small group setting.

Part 2: The All-Inclusive Luxury Mother-Daughter Retreat

Vacation With Bethany!

An all-inclusive, 3 night retreat with Bethany!

At a Private Ocean Bluff Estate in the Northshore of Kauai.

*Each Retreat is only open to 10 Mother-Daughter Pairs*

Day 1

5:00 pm 

Meet at Private Estate: Welcome & Lei making with Hawaiian Mocktails & Cocktails

6:30 pm 

Red Carpet Night with Bethany 

VIP Sit Down Mother/Daughter Private Dinner with Bethany 

Pool Party with Bethany at Estate

Day 2

7:00 am 

8:00 am 

9:30 am 


Buffet Breakfast at Private Estate 

Morning Devotion

Surf with Bethany! And Beach Hang time, Hanalei Pier/Bay Surf Lessons for Each Girl Provided By Surf Instructors

Lunch Served at Beach

2:00 pm 

5:00 pm 

8:00 pm 

Individual Mom/Daughter Private Photo shoot - “Just You & Me” Photo shoot

VIP Sit Down Mother/Daughter Private Dinner with Bethany at Estate

PJ Party/ “Girls Spa Night” with Photo Booth 

Day 3

10:00 am 

11:30 am 

4:00 pm 

7:00 pm 

Breakfast Brunch at estate
Morning Devotion

Hawaiian Shave Ice with Bethany, Group Photo

Make-Your-Own-Sushi Party at Private Estate
“Soul Surfer” Popcorn & Movie Night

Also Included:

Access to Bethany's “Unstoppable Life” Curriculum

Autographed and Personalized Gifts from Bethany

Professional Mother-Daughter Photo Shoot in Hawaii

Weekly Zoom and Prayer Times

New Friendships With Like-Minded Mothers and Daughters

Mother-Daughter Connection, Christ-centered Guidance, Coaching for Your Daughter, Mentorship for you (mom)

Priceless Memories

Our 'Ohana Directors are standing by to answer all your questions and reserve your spot! 

Hurry - due to the personalized nature of the 'Ohana Experience, reservations are extremely limited!


Can You Imagine…

Virtual AND Live mentorship directly with Bethany Hamilton!

Surf, dine, hang out, swim, hike, pamper yourself and laugh with Bethany!

Leave refreshed, confident, and closer than ever before!


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Guided Tour Island Experience
Lunch hiked in to your outdoor adventure

Day 4

8:00 am 

10:00 am 

Morning Devotion and Breakfast

8:00 am 

Guided Tour Island Experience
Kauai Hike & Served Lunch 

2:00 pm 

Hawaiian Shave Ice with Bethany, Group Photo

Early Morning Beach “Morning Movement” (40 min) with Private Fitness Instructor 

9:00 am 

Morning Devotion and Breakfast

Check out

11:00 am 

Day 4

For Moms and teens ages 10-18. Limited spots available!

For Moms and teens ages 10-18. Limited spots available!

For Moms and teens ages 10-18. Limited spots available!

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